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About Sandra Moreschi

Sandra Moorish was born from a Jewish family, Roman for seven generations and beyond. Her father, whose profession brought him to travel constantly, generates in Sandra the desire of discovery and the fascination of overcoming its limits and boundaries. At the age of 19, she moved away from home to Israel, living in kibbutz, and in the last ten years she lived in Israel that Sandra had the chance to cultivate those ideas that would then sprout in the years to follow exploding in their maximum expression in the late 1980s.


Sandra combines the sacredness of tradition with the aesthetic strength of the material forged by the manual work, pioneer of the quality and innovation of the design cultural manages to merge the Italian elegance with the Jewish objects. Over the years he collaborates with workshops and artisans among the most important in Italy known throughout the world; The renowned Bottega Gatti in Faenza, a reference point for artists of international renown such as Mimmo Palladino, Enzo Cucchi, Giosetta Fiori, Giacomo Balla, Alberto Burri and designers and architects who have revolutionized the concept of design as Bruno Munari, Gió Ponti, Giovanni Guerrini. She also collaborates with the Laboratorio Romano Velelia with regard to the fusion and processing of glass, a collaboration now twenty years.
Moreschi Family in an old photo.

Moreschi Family in an old photo.

A young Sandra Moreschi in Israel

A young Sandra Moreschi in Israel.

Portico d'Ottavia, Rome

Saray story

Sandra Moreschi begins her adventure with the historic Saray store in the distant 1990s in an ancient palace of the 1300 located in the heart of the ghetto of Rome. She chose as the opening day of his activity on 16 October. This date, notoriously sad as it evokes the famous raid of the Jews of Rome that was perpetrated by the Germans on October 16, 1943, She was dictated by the desire to rematch and revenge, the Miracle of a revival: a Jewish family returned to live, work and rejoice in a place that had known pain and extermination. Sandra Moreschi has devoted all the years of her work mainly to the creation of Italian Jewish objects, searching and selecting meticulously the best Italian artisans who still collaborate with her.

Despite the recent closure of the store, Moreschi continues to design and propose new items available at the Saray online store.
Many of her creations have been purchased and preserved in prestigious personal collections.
Visit the Saray website to discover all the products dedicated to the festivities and the Jewish life.

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